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Masahiro OgiharaEarly water delivery to terrestrial planet regions during the stages of Jupiter's formation and migration in the Grand Tack model01-02-2023System architectures and dynamics, Formation & evolutionwater delivery; Grand Tack model;
Masahiro OgiharaRapid-then-slow migration reproduces mass distribution of TRAPPIST-1 system21-01-2022System architectures and dynamics, Formation & evolutionTRAPPIST-1; protoplanetary disks; n-body simulation
Vedad Kunovac HodzicObliquities of cold stars with transiting planets07-04-2021Formation & evolution, System architectures and dynamicsUKEXOM2021; Stellar obliquities; reloaded Rossiter-McLaughlin; asteroseismology; tidal evolution; small planets; giant planets; HARPS; ESPRESSO
Jessica RigleyPredictions for exozodiacal dust dragged in from an exo-Kuiper belt06-04-2021Formation & evolution, System architectures and dynamicsexozodi; exozodiacal dust; debris discs; planetesimal belt; exokuiper belt; disks; UKEXOM2021
Sebastian MarinoRadial structure of exoKuiper belts - UKEXOM2105-04-2021System architectures and dynamics, Formation & evolutionexokuiper belt debris disk discs substructure formation exoplanet migration rings protoplanetary alma gaps
Anne-Lise MaireDavid M. Hernandez: An ephemeris integrator capable of probing fundamental physics from inside our Solar System27-01-2021System architectures and dynamics, Formation & evolutionDynamics; N body; ExoDyn2021
Francisco J PozuelosHanno Rein: Orbital dynamics with REBOUND26-01-2021System architectures and dynamicsExoDyn2021; Planetary Systems; Dynamics; Numerical Methods; N-body integrator; REBOUND
Francisco J PozuelosMiles Cranmer: Accurate Instability Time Prediction for Compact Multi-Planet Systems with Bayesian Deep Learning26-01-2021System architectures and dynamicsExoDyn2021; Planetary Systems; Dynamics; Machine Learning
Francisco J PozuelosGabriel de Oliveira Gomes: Tidally-induced TTVs for close-in super-Earths26-01-2021System architectures and dynamicsExoDyn2021; Planetary Systems; Dynamic
Francisco J PozuelosStephen Kane: The Role of Orbital Dynamics In Planetary Habitability26-01-2021System architectures and dynamics, Habitability & BiosignaturesExoDyn2021; Planetary Systems; Dynamics; Habitability
Anne-Lise MaireJohannes Sahlmann: Astrometric Orbits of Stars with Exoplanets25-01-2021System architectures and dynamics, Instrumentation & Observational techniquesAstrometry; Orbits; Dynamics; ExoDyn2021
Anne-Lise MaireLaetitia Rodet: Refining orbital constraints: Insights from a disk25-01-2021System architectures and dynamicsImaging; Orbital fitting; Circumstellar disks; HD 100453; ExoDyn2021
Laetitia DelrezHervé Beust: Resonant phenomena in debris disks - morphologic and evolutionary issues (review)25-01-2021System architectures and dynamicsdisks; architecture; dynamics; ExoDyn2021
Anne-Lise MaireJerry Xuan: Measuring mutual inclinations between giant planets and debris discs in HD 113337 & HD 3852925-01-2021System architectures and dynamicsMutual inclinations; Debris disks; ExoDyn2021
Anne-Lise MaireTimothy Brandt: Absolute Astrometry for Orbit Fitting25-01-2021System architectures and dynamicsAstrometry; Imaging; Radial velocities; Dynamical masses; ExoDyn2021
Laetitia DelrezJuliette Becker: The Origins of Multi-Planet Systems with Misaligned, Nearby Companions25-01-2021System architectures and dynamicsformation; evolution; dynamics; ExoDyn2021
Anne-Lise MaireLessons learned from SPHERE for high-precision astrometry of directly-imaged exoplanets25-01-2021Instrumentation & Observational techniques, System architectures and dynamicsImaging; Relative astrometry; ExoDyn2021
Laetitia DelrezTrifon Trifonov: Transit and Radial velocity Interactive Fitting tool for Orbital analysis and N-body simulations - The Exo-Striker25-01-2021Host star characterization, System architectures and dynamicsdata analysis tool; radial velocities; transits; ExoDyn2021
Anne-Lise MaireSarah Blunt: orbitize! an open-source orbit-fitting toolkit for directly-imaged objects25-01-2021System architectures and dynamicsImaging; Orbits; Fitting; ExoDyn2021
Laetitia DelrezSilvano Desidera: Young planetary systems with close-in planets25-01-2021Host star characterization, Planet Detection, System architectures and dynamics, Instrumentation & Observational techniquesyoung systems; transits; radial velocities; ExoDyn2021
Anne-Lise MaireG. Mirek Brandt: Precise Dynamical Masses for the Beta Pictoris System25-01-2021System architectures and dynamicsRadial velocities; Astrometry; Imaging; Dynamical masses; Beta Pictoris; ExoDyn2021
Anne-Lise MaireRodrigo Ferrer Chávez: Biases in orbit-fitting of directly-imaged exoplanets with low phase coverage using default priors25-01-2021System architectures and dynamicsImaging; Orbits; Fitting; ExoDyn2021
Anne-Lise MaireRobert De Rosa: Measuring the architectures of multi-planet systems with Hipparcos and Gaia25-01-2021System architectures and dynamicsAstrometry; Architecture; Multi-planet systems; ExoDyn2021
Mark GiovinazziThe HD 217107 Planetary System: Twenty Years of Radial Velocity Measurements13-01-2021System architectures and dynamicsplanetary systems, planets and satellites: HD 217107
Andrew VanderburgA Giant Planet Candidate Transiting a White Dwarf12-01-2021Planet Detection, Habitability & Biosignatures, System architectures and dynamics, Formation & evolutionwhite dwarf; transit; WD1856+534; WD1856
Yubo SuDynamics of Colombo’s Top: Generating Exoplanet Obliquities from Planet-Disk Interactions05-01-2021System architectures and dynamicsCassini State; Resonance; Obliquity
Travis BergerA Fresh Look at the Radius Gap Using Gaia Derived Ages and Masses for All Kepler Exoplanet Hosts21-12-2020Host star characterization, Formation & evolution, System architectures and dynamicssuper-Earths; sub-Neptunes; gaia; kepler; stellar mass; stellar age; physical parameters; radius gap; radius valley; core-powered mass-loss; photoevaporation
Alexander BohnRevealing planets, disks, and brown dwarfs around young, solar analogs20-12-2020Planet Detection, Formation & evolution, System architectures and dynamics, Instrumentation & Observational techniquesPlanet detection; high-contrast imaging; planet formation; stars: solar mass; stars individual: TYC 8998-760-1, Wray 15-788
Ryan CloutierEvolution of the Radius Valley from Sun-like to Low Mass Stars (Exoplanets III; July 28, 2020)17-12-2020System architectures and dynamics, Formation & evolutionsuper-earths; sub-neptunes; m-dwarfs; low mass stars; planet formation; radius valley
ExoplanetsIII HeidelbergKento Masuda: Mutual Orbital Inclinations Between Cold Jupiters and Inner Super-Earths14-12-2020System architectures and dynamicsEXO3; inclination