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Tim LichtenbergGeophysical Evolution During Rocky Planet Formation05-05-2022Planet interiors, Habitability & Biosignatures, Formation & evolution, Atmospheric theoryrocky planets; atmosphere formation; geophysics; magma oceans; planetary formation
Masahiro OgiharaGiant planets with large metal masses and metal fractions such as HD 149026b and TOI-849b form via giant impacts in a rapidly dissipating disk by photoevaporation06-11-2021Planet interiors, Atmospheric characterization, System architectures and dynamics, Formation & evolutiongiant planets; photoevaporation; giant impacts;
Tim LichtenbergHidden water in magma ocean exoplanets28-10-2021Atmospheric characterization, Formation & evolution, Habitability & Biosignatures, Atmospheric theory, Planet interiorssuper-earths; mass-radius; planetary interior; bulk water budget; magma oceans; runaway greenhouse
Tim LichtenbergRedox hysteresis of super-Earth exoplanets from magma ocean circulation24-05-2021Planet interiors, Habitability & Biosignatures, Formation & evolution, Atmospheric characterization, Future missions & Observatoriessuper-Earths; sub-Neptunes; exoplanets; JWST; atmosphere; interior
Tim LichtenbergSystem-level fractionation of carbon from disk and planetesimal processing13-05-2021Habitability & Biosignatures, Planet interiors, Atmospheric characterization, Formation & evolution, Future missions & Observatoriesplanet formation; carbon; volatile delivery; atmospheric composition; climate; exoplanets; protoplanetary disks
Laura RogersUsing polluted white dwarfs to understand the bulk composition of exo-planetary material13-04-2021Planet interiorsUKEXOM2021; white dwarfs; bulk composition
Marc BrouwersHow planets grow by pebble accretion06-04-2021Planet interiors, Atmospheric theory, Formation & evolutionUKEXOM2021, Planet formation, Solids accretion, Interior evolution
Claire Marie GuimondIslands in a black sky: Towards scaling relationships for dynamic topography and land propensity on rocky planets06-04-2021Planet interiorsUKEXOM2021; terrestrial planets; thermal history; numerical convection; geophysics
Amy BonsorPlanet Formation and the Composition of Rocky Planets06-04-2021Planet interiorsplanet formation; white dwarfs; composition
Andrew BuchanConstraining the size of White Dwarf pollutants​05-04-2021Planet interiorsUKEXOM2021;Polluted White Dwarfs;Partitioning
Thomas WilsonCharacterising Multi-Planet Systems with CHEOPS05-04-2021System architectures and dynamics, Planet interiors, Instrumentation & Observational techniques, Planet Detection, Formation & evolutionUKEXOM2021; CHEOPS; Transiting planets
Annelies MortierExploring the variety of small planets with HARPS-N05-04-2021Planet interiors, Instrumentation & Observational techniques, Planet DetectionUKEXOM2021 -- Radial Velocity -- Transiting planets
Philippa LigginsProbing mantle redox with planetary atmospheres02-04-2021Formation & evolution, Planet interiors, Atmospheric characterizationvolcanic; atmosphere; mantle; evolution; UKEXOM2021
Joe RenaudTidal Dissipation in Dual-Body, Highly Eccentric, and Non-synchronously Rotating Systems15-03-2021Planet interiors, Formation & evolutiontidal dynamics; geophysics; orbital dynamics; exoplanets; pluto; tides; rheology; spin dynamics
Tobias Gabriel MeierHemispheric Tectonics on super-Earth LHS 3844b03-03-2021Planet interiorsplanetary interior; super-Earths; exoplanets; plate tectonics
Julia VenturiniThe nature of the Radius Valley: insights from combined formation and evolution models05-02-2021Planet interiors, Formation & evolution, Atmospheric characterizationPlanet formation and evolution, super-Earths, sub-Neptunes, radius valley, water
Tim LichtenbergVertically resolved magma ocean–protoatmosphere evolution: H2, H2O, CO2, CH4, CO, O2, and N2 as primary absorbers26-01-2021Formation & evolution, Planet interiors, Future missions & Observatories, Atmospheric theory, Habitability & Biosignaturesplanet formation; magma ocean; atmospheres; direct imaging; planetary interiors
Laetitia DelrezEric Agol: Transit timing analyses (review)25-01-2021Planet Detection, System architectures and dynamics, Planet interiorstransits; transit timing variations; N-body models; ExoDyn2021
Laetitia DelrezMaximilian Günther: Studying exoplanet orbits & dynamics with allesfitter25-01-2021Planet interiors, Atmospheric characterization, Host star characterization, System architectures and dynamicsdata analysis tool; radial velocities; transits; ExoDyn2021
Tim LichtenbergBifurcation of planetary building blocks during Solar System formation20-01-2021Formation & evolution, Planet interiors, System architectures and dynamicsplanet formation; solar system; accretion; planetesimals; volatile delivery; core formation; meteorites; protoplanets; magma oceans; planetary composition
Masahiro OgiharaUnified simulations of formation and atmospheric evolution15-01-2021System architectures and dynamics, Planet interiors, Atmospheric theory, Atmospheric characterization, Formation & evolutionEXO3; formation; evolution;
Vera DobosTidal heating and the habitability of the TRAPPIST-1 planets (ExoplanetsIII conference)04-01-2021Planet interiors, Habitability & BiosignaturesTRAPPIST-1, habitability, tidal heating
Akash GuptaUnderstanding the Radius Valley as a by-product of Planet Formation: Observational Signatures of the Core-Powered Mass-Loss Mechanism22-12-2020Formation & evolution, Atmospheric theory, Planet interiorsAtmospheric escape; Super-Earths; Sub-Neptunes; Radius valley; Radius gap; Planet evolution; Atmospheres; Planet-star interactions; Core-powered mass-loss; Exoplanets 3
Eric AgolThe completed Spitzer campaign to monitor transit times of the TRAPPIST-1 system: improved masses, densities and dynamics.21-12-2020Planet interiors, System architectures and dynamicsTransit; transit timing variations; Spitzer; TRAPPIST-1; N-body models
Thaddeus KomacekRe-inflation of warm and hot Jupiters21-12-2020Planet interiors, Formation & evolutionhot Jupiters; warm Jupiters; radius inflation; interior evolution
Admin TeamWelcome and Instruction Video17-12-2020Atmospheric theory, Host star characterization, Education and Outreach, System architectures and dynamics, Future missions & Observatories, Habitability & Biosignatures, Planet interiors, Planet Detection, Atmospheric characterization, Instrumentation & Observational techniques, Formation & evolutionWelcome; Instruction;; Aurora; Kesseli
David ArmstrongTOI-849b: The remnant core of a giant planet16-12-2020Planet interiors, Planet DetectionTransit, Radial Velocity, Hot Neptunes, Planetary Cores
ExoplanetsIII HeidelbergEdwin Kite: Sub-Neptune atmospheres and the transition from Sub-Neptunes to Super-Earths15-12-2020Planet interiorsEXO3; planetary interiors
ExoplanetsIII HeidelbergRavid Helled: Formation, evolution, and structure of giant planets14-12-2020Formation & evolutionEXO3; gas giants; evolution