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Georgina DransfieldPhotometry from Antarctica09-04-2021Future missions & Observatories, Instrumentation & Observational techniques, Planet DetectionTESS; Transit; Photometry; JWST, Ephemerides Refinement; UKEXOM2021
Beth HendersonBackground Subtraction Methods with NGTS06-04-2021Instrumentation & Observational techniques, System architectures and dynamicsUKEXOM2021, Brown dwarfs, NGTS, Background subtraction, Nebuliser
Joost WardenierDecomposing the Iron Absorption Signal of the Ultra-Hot Jupiter WASP-76b Using 3D Monte-Carlo Radiative Transfer06-04-2021Atmospheric characterization, Instrumentation & Observational techniques, Atmospheric theoryUKEXOM2021; Ultra-hot Jupiters; Monte-Carlo radiative transfer; 3D effects; Global circulation models; High-resolution spectroscopy; Cross-correlation; WASP-76b
Samantha ThompsonTerra Hunting Experiment: Finding another Earth with HARPS305-04-2021Planet Detection, Instrumentation & Observational techniques, Future missions & ObservatoriesUKEXOM2021; Radial Velocity
Thomas WilsonCharacterising Multi-Planet Systems with CHEOPS05-04-2021System architectures and dynamics, Planet interiors, Instrumentation & Observational techniques, Planet Detection, Formation & evolutionUKEXOM2021; CHEOPS; Transiting planets
Annelies MortierExploring the variety of small planets with HARPS-N05-04-2021Planet interiors, Instrumentation & Observational techniques, Planet DetectionUKEXOM2021 -- Radial Velocity -- Transiting planets
Tom J WilsonThe Pitfalls of Bayes: On the Use of Statistical Goodness of Fit Criteria in the Evaluation of Transmission Spectra05-04-2021Instrumentation & Observational techniques, Atmospheric characterizationUKEXOM2021; bayesian; probability; retrieval; statistics
Polychronis PatapisDetecting molecules in giant planet atmospheres with the MIRI-MRS onboard JWST29-03-2021Instrumentation & Observational techniques, Atmospheric characterization, Planet Detectionemission spectroscopy; JWST/MIRI; giant exoplanets; molecular mapping
Jeroen BouwmanA data driven approach to transit spectroscopy calibration24-03-2021Instrumentation & Observational techniques, Atmospheric characterizationtransit spectroscopy; calibration
Valentin ChristiaensDirect imaging of protoplanets - Recent results and future perspectives08-03-2021Instrumentation & Observational techniques, Planet DetectionProtoplanetary disc; Planet formation; High-contrast imaging
Elsa DucrotTRAPPIST-1: Global Results of the Spitzer Exploration Science Program and ground based transit timing variations follow-up26-01-2021Planet Detection, Instrumentation & Observational techniquestransit; photometry; Spitzer; Trappist-1
Francisco J PozuelosQuinn Konopacky: Astrometry and Orbits of Directly Imaged Planets26-01-2021Planet Detection, Instrumentation & Observational techniquesExoDyn2021; Direct Imaging; Astrometry
Francisco J PozuelosJason Wang: Orbit Fitting at 10 Microarcsecond Precision26-01-2021Instrumentation & Observational techniques, Planet DetectionExoDyn2021; Imaging Astrometry; Orbital Fitting; GRAVITY
Anne-Lise MaireJohannes Sahlmann: Astrometric Orbits of Stars with Exoplanets25-01-2021System architectures and dynamics, Instrumentation & Observational techniquesAstrometry; Orbits; Dynamics; ExoDyn2021
Anne-Lise MaireLessons learned from SPHERE for high-precision astrometry of directly-imaged exoplanets25-01-2021Instrumentation & Observational techniques, System architectures and dynamicsImaging; Relative astrometry; ExoDyn2021
Laetitia DelrezSilvano Desidera: Young planetary systems with close-in planets25-01-2021System architectures and dynamics, Instrumentation & Observational techniques, Host star characterization, Planet Detectionyoung systems; transits; radial velocities; ExoDyn2021
Laetitia DelrezAmaury Triaud: Exoplanet Radial Velocities (review)25-01-2021System architectures and dynamics, Future missions & Observatories, Instrumentation & Observational techniques, Planet Detection, Host star characterizationradial velocities; ExoDyn2021
Laetitia DelrezMonika Lendl: Exoplanet Transits (review)25-01-2021Atmospheric characterization, System architectures and dynamics, Future missions & Observatories, Host star characterization, Habitability & Biosignatures, Planet Detection, Instrumentation & Observational techniquestransits; ExoDyn2021
Anne-Lise MairePierre Kervella: Stellar and substellar companions from Gaia DR225-01-2021Instrumentation & Observational techniques, Planet DetectionAstrometry; Gaia; Detection; ExoDyn2021
Andrew VanderburgFrom Pixels to Planets The Process of Validating Transiting Planets12-01-2021Planet Detection, Host star characterization, Instrumentation & Observational techniquestransits, exoplanet detection
Andrew VanderburgAn Overview of Transiting Planets12-01-2021Host star characterization, Instrumentation & Observational techniques, Atmospheric characterization, Formation & evolution, System architectures and dynamics, Habitability & Biosignatures, Future missions & Observatories, Planet Detectiontransits
Emily MartinThe Planet as Exoplanet Analog Spectrograph (PEAS): Design and First Light 12-01-2021Instrumentation & Observational techniques, Atmospheric characterizationinstrumentation; Lick Observatory; Solar System; spectroscopy; imaging; exoplanet solar system synergies
Xavier DumusqueEnhancing the radial-velocity technique to find Earth-like planets10-01-2021Instrumentation & Observational techniques, Planet Detectionextreme precision radial velocity ; stellar signals ; telluric ; planet detection, solar activity
Annelies MortierLessons from "Sun-as-a-star" observations - Sagan Workshop July 202022-12-2020Host star characterization, Planet Detection, Instrumentation & Observational techniquesRadial Velocity; Stellar variability; Sun
Jean-Baptiste Ruffio Moderate resolution spectroscopy of HR 8799bcd - Exo3 conference (2020)21-12-2020Instrumentation & Observational techniques, Atmospheric characterization, Planet Detectionexoplanet; direct imaging; spectroscopy;
Alexander BohnRevealing planets, disks, and brown dwarfs around young, solar analogs20-12-2020Planet Detection, Formation & evolution, System architectures and dynamics, Instrumentation & Observational techniquesPlanet detection; high-contrast imaging; planet formation; stars: solar mass; stars individual: TYC 8998-760-1, Wray 15-788
Admin TeamWelcome and Instruction Video17-12-2020Atmospheric theory, Host star characterization, Education and Outreach, System architectures and dynamics, Future missions & Observatories, Habitability & Biosignatures, Planet interiors, Planet Detection, Atmospheric characterization, Instrumentation & Observational techniques, Formation & evolutionWelcome; Instruction;; Aurora; Kesseli
Frans SnikThe answer to the Ultimate Question of Life, the Universe and Everything is... polarized!16-12-2020Future missions & Observatories, Habitability & Biosignatures, Instrumentation & Observational techniquescoronagraphs, polarimetry, polarization, biosignatures, homochirality
Mahmoudreza OshaghMeasuring the color dependent Rossiter-McLaughlin effect from 0.38 to 1.71 micrometer using ground based observations16-12-2020Atmospheric characterization, Instrumentation & Observational techniquesChromatic Rossiter-McLaughlin, Transmission spectroscopy, HD 189733b, stellar activity, SOAP
Rafael LuquePrecise characterisation of small planets around M dwarfs: the CARMENES-TESS follow-up program15-12-2020Instrumentation & Observational techniques, Planet Detectiontransit; radial velocity; RV; M dwarfs; low mass stars; TESS; CARMENES; small planets; radius valley;