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Polychronis PatapisDetecting molecules in giant planet atmospheres with the MIRI-MRS onboard JWST29-03-2021Instrumentation & Observational techniques, Atmospheric characterization, Planet Detectionemission spectroscopy; JWST/MIRI; giant exoplanets; molecular mapping
Lili AldersonLRG-BEASTS: Sodium in the Atmosphere of the Hot-Saturn WASP-21b26-03-2021Atmospheric characterizationUKEXOM2021,
Jeroen BouwmanA data driven approach to transit spectroscopy calibration24-03-2021Instrumentation & Observational techniques, Atmospheric characterizationtransit spectroscopy; calibration
Leonardo dos SantosThe high energy environment and atmospheric escape of small exoplanets16-02-2021Host star characterization, Atmospheric characterizationatmospheres; ultraviolet; escape; infrared; evolution
Aurora KesseliConfirmation of Asymmetric Iron Absorption in WASP-76b with HARPS09-02-2021Atmospheric characterization, Atmospheric theoryHot Jupiters; transits transmission spectroscopy; high spectral resolution; atmospheric winds and dynamics
Julia VenturiniThe nature of the Radius Valley: insights from combined formation and evolution models05-02-2021Planet interiors, Formation & evolution, Atmospheric characterizationPlanet formation and evolution, super-Earths, sub-Neptunes, radius valley, water
Valentin Christiaens[extended] A faint companion around CrA-9: protoplanet or obscured binary?03-02-2021Atmospheric characterization, Planet DetectionProtoplanetary disc; Planet formation; High-contrast imaging; Spectral characterisation
Pierre DrossartFrom Solar System Planets to Exoplanets: A New Experience of the World in the 21st Century29-01-2021Atmospheric characterizationSolar system planets, escape, non-LTE, chemistry, radiative transfer
Laetitia DelrezMaximilian Günther: Studying exoplanet orbits & dynamics with allesfitter25-01-2021Planet interiors, Atmospheric characterization, Host star characterization, System architectures and dynamicsdata analysis tool; radial velocities; transits; ExoDyn2021
Laetitia DelrezNestor Espinoza: Towards an exoplanet census in the cloud25-01-2021System architectures and dynamics, Host star characterization, Planet Detectiondatabase; data analysis; ExoDyn2021
Laetitia DelrezMonika Lendl: Exoplanet Transits (review)25-01-2021Atmospheric characterization, System architectures and dynamics, Future missions & Observatories, Host star characterization, Habitability & Biosignatures, Planet Detection, Instrumentation & Observational techniquestransits; ExoDyn2021
Valentin ChristiaensA faint companion around CrA-9: protoplanet or obscured binary?15-01-2021Planet Detection, Atmospheric characterizationProtoplanetary disc; Planet formation; High-contrast imaging; Spectral characterisation
Masahiro OgiharaUnified simulations of formation and atmospheric evolution15-01-2021System architectures and dynamics, Planet interiors, Atmospheric theory, Atmospheric characterization, Formation & evolutionEXO3; formation; evolution;
Andrew VanderburgAn Overview of Transiting Planets12-01-2021Host star characterization, Instrumentation & Observational techniques, Atmospheric characterization, Formation & evolution, System architectures and dynamics, Habitability & Biosignatures, Future missions & Observatories, Planet Detectiontransits
Emily MartinThe Planet as Exoplanet Analog Spectrograph (PEAS): Design and First Light 12-01-2021Instrumentation & Observational techniques, Atmospheric characterizationinstrumentation; Lick Observatory; Solar System; spectroscopy; imaging; exoplanet solar system synergies
Gabriele CugnoUnveiling the nature of the protoplanet PDS70 b21-12-2020Atmospheric characterization, Formation & evolutionFormation and evolution; Direct imaging; Molecular mapping; Medium-resolution Spectroscopy
Jean-Baptiste Ruffio Moderate resolution spectroscopy of HR 8799bcd - Exo3 conference (2020)21-12-2020Instrumentation & Observational techniques, Atmospheric characterization, Planet Detectionexoplanet; direct imaging; spectroscopy;
Stefan PelletierBrand New SPIRou Result: Solar CO abundance on tau Boo b21-12-2020Atmospheric characterizationAtmospheres, High-Resolution, SPIRou, Detection, Molecules, C/O
ExoplanetsIII HeidelbergIan Crossfield: Global Infrared Characterization of Ultra-hot neptune LTT 9779b20-12-2020Atmospheric characterizationEXO3; warm; neptune
ExoplanetsIII HeidelbergGoranPilbratt: ARIEL: ESA's mission to study the nature of exoplanets20-12-2020Future missions & Observatories, Atmospheric characterizationEXO3; ARIEL
ExoplanetsIII HeidelbergNuria Casasayas Barris: Transmission spectroscopy of HD 209458b using HARPS-N, CARMENES and ESPRESSO20-12-2020Atmospheric characterizationEXO3; ESPRESSO;transmission spectroscopy
Maggie ThompsonLeveraging Meteorite Outgassing Experiments to Constrain the Initial Atmospheres of Terrestrial Exoplanets19-12-2020Atmospheric characterizationOutgassing; Meteorites; Terrestrial Exoplanets
Admin TeamWelcome and Instruction Video17-12-2020Atmospheric theory, Host star characterization, Education and Outreach, System architectures and dynamics, Future missions & Observatories, Habitability & Biosignatures, Planet interiors, Planet Detection, Atmospheric characterization, Instrumentation & Observational techniques, Formation & evolutionWelcome; Instruction;; Aurora; Kesseli
Thea KozakisLife After (Stellar) Death: Atmospheres and Biosignatures of Earth-like Planets Orbiting White Dwarfs17-12-2020Habitability & Biosignatures, Atmospheric characterizationastrobiology; planetary atmospheres; terrestrial planets; habitability; biosignatures; white dwarfs
Mahmoudreza OshaghMeasuring the color dependent Rossiter-McLaughlin effect from 0.38 to 1.71 micrometer using ground based observations16-12-2020Atmospheric characterization, Instrumentation & Observational techniquesChromatic Rossiter-McLaughlin, Transmission spectroscopy, HD 189733b, stellar activity, SOAP
Megan MansfieldPopulation-level trends in hot Jupiter thermal emission spectra16-12-2020Atmospheric characterizationthermal emission spectra; secondary eclipse; Hubble Space Telescope; hot Jupiters; composition; metallicity; C/O ratio
Claire BaxterNew trends revealed by statical surveys of exoplanet atmospheres with Spitzer15-12-2020Atmospheric characterizationatmospheres; composition; ultra-hot Jupiters; emission; gaseous planets; surveys
Rafael LuquePrecise characterisation of small planets around M dwarfs: the CARMENES-TESS follow-up program15-12-2020Instrumentation & Observational techniques, Planet Detectiontransit; radial velocity; RV; M dwarfs; low mass stars; TESS; CARMENES; small planets; radius valley;
ExoplanetsIII HeidelbergIan Wong: Systematic phase curve study of known transiting systems from the TESS primary mission15-12-2020Atmospheric characterizationEXO3; phase curves; TESS
ExoplanetsIII HeidelbergFei Yan: High Resolution Spectroscopy of Ultra-hot Jupiter's atmosphere14-12-2020Atmospheric characterizationEXO3; atmospheres; UHJ