Upload instructions

In order to upload video's, you need to be in possession of a verified account. See our Welcome and Instruction video: https://exoplanet-talks.org/talk/164

New video's can be uploaded from your personal profile page. Video's can be uploaded by clicking the "Select files" video, or by dragging the file from the file browser on top of the upload icon. The following file formats are allowed: mp4, mov, avi, wmv and flv. The maximum file size is 25gb. To convert videos in the m4v format (not accepted by Vimeo), you can use ffmpeg: ffmpeg -i movie.m4v -c copy movie.mp4

Provide a title and description for your video and select to which categories the video belongs. Optionally add keywords. In case of multiple keywords, these keywords can be separated by a semicolon (;). In the settings you can select if the video accepts comments and/or personal messages, and if the video should be published instantly. The "Save video" button starts the upload of the video.

After uploading, the server needs to transcode the video. This can take up several minutes, depending on file size. When this process is ready, your video will appear in your list of video's on your profile page and will be available to other viewers through category navigation and by searching for it.