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Gabriel-Dominique MarleauComparison of Planetary Hα-emission Models: A New Correlation with Accretion Luminosity19-11-2021Planet Detection, Formation & evolutionH alpha; Accretion; Hydrogen-line emission; Scaling relations; Planet formation; Classical T Tauri stars
Rafael LuqueTESS Legacy: the brightest, closest transiting planets for atmospheric studies30-06-2021Future missions & Observatories, Instrumentation & Observational techniques, Atmospheric characterization, Planet DetectionTESS; radial velocity; transit; TFOP;
Daniel SebastianSPECULOOS - A catalogue of low-mass stars to hunt for transiting exoplanets.13-04-2021Planet Detection, Instrumentation & Observational techniquesCatalogues; UKEXOM2021; Stars: low mass
Andreas HadjigeorghiouAutomated Vetting and Validation Pipeline for TESS12-04-2021Planet DetectionUKEXOM2021;TESS;Transit Detection;Machine Learning;Statistical Validation
Peter WheatleyWhat can NGTS do for me?10-04-2021Instrumentation & Observational techniques, Host star characterization, Planet DetectionUKEXOM2021; NGTS; transits
Georgina DransfieldPhotometry from Antarctica09-04-2021Instrumentation & Observational techniques, Planet Detection, Future missions & ObservatoriesTESS; Transit; Photometry; JWST, Ephemerides Refinement; UKEXOM2021
Rosanna TilbrookNGTS 15b, 16b, 17b and 18b: four hot Jupiters from the Next Generation Transit Survey06-04-2021Planet DetectionUKEXOM2021; planet detection; transiting planets; hot Jupiters; inflation; NGTS
Jessica RigleyPredictions for exozodiacal dust dragged in from an exo-Kuiper belt06-04-2021Formation & evolution, System architectures and dynamicsexozodi; exozodiacal dust; debris discs; planetesimal belt; exokuiper belt; disks; UKEXOM2021
Maritza SotoMass and density of the super-Earth LHS 1478 b (TOI-640 b)06-04-2021Planet DetectionUKEXOM2021; radial velocity; transit; M-dwarfs; super-Earth
Ares OsbornTOI-431: a super-Earth and sub-Neptune transiting a bright, early K-Dwarf, with an additional RV planet (UKEXOM21)05-04-2021Planet DetectionTOI-431; planet detection; transit detection, RV detection; UKEXOM2021
Nora EisnerPlanet Hunters TESS: people-powered exoplanet discovery in TESS data05-04-2021Planet DetectionUKEXOM2021; Planet Detection; Transiting planets; TESS
Samantha ThompsonTerra Hunting Experiment: Finding another Earth with HARPS305-04-2021Instrumentation & Observational techniques, Planet Detection, Future missions & ObservatoriesUKEXOM2021; Radial Velocity
Andrew BuchanConstraining the size of White Dwarf pollutants​05-04-2021Planet interiorsUKEXOM2021;Polluted White Dwarfs;Partitioning
Thomas WilsonCharacterising Multi-Planet Systems with CHEOPS05-04-2021Planet Detection, System architectures and dynamics, Formation & evolution, Planet interiors, Instrumentation & Observational techniquesUKEXOM2021; CHEOPS; Transiting planets
Jack ActonLow Mass Eclipsing Binaries from NGTS05-04-2021Planet Detection, Host star characterizationM-dwarfs;Transits;Radial Velocities;Eclipsing Binaries;UKEXOM2021
Sarah CasewellAn irradiated inflated brown dwarf05-04-2021Planet Detection, Atmospheric characterizationBrown dwarf, white dwarf, irradiation, inflation, UKEXOM2021
Annelies MortierExploring the variety of small planets with HARPS-N05-04-2021Planet interiors, Instrumentation & Observational techniques, Planet DetectionUKEXOM2021 -- Radial Velocity -- Transiting planets
Matthew BattleyTracing Exoplanets Through Time with TESS03-04-2021Formation & evolution, Planet DetectionTESS; Kepler; evolution; young stars; young exoplanets; detrending; UKEXOM2021
Matthew StandingThe BEBOP RV Search for Circumbinary Planets01-04-2021Planet DetectionUKEXOM2021; BEBOP; RV; Radial velocity; HARPS; ESPRESSO; SOPHIE; Circumbinary planets; Exoplanet; Discovery; Survey
Polychronis PatapisDetecting molecules in giant planet atmospheres with the MIRI-MRS onboard JWST29-03-2021Instrumentation & Observational techniques, Atmospheric characterization, Planet Detectionemission spectroscopy; JWST/MIRI; giant exoplanets; molecular mapping
Valentin ChristiaensDirect imaging of protoplanets - Recent results and future perspectives08-03-2021Instrumentation & Observational techniques, Planet DetectionProtoplanetary disc; Planet formation; High-contrast imaging
Valentin Christiaens[extended] A faint companion around CrA-9: protoplanet or obscured binary?03-02-2021Planet Detection, Atmospheric characterizationProtoplanetary disc; Planet formation; High-contrast imaging; Spectral characterisation