Instrumentation & Observational techniques

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Paul MolliereCloud Nine Con | Chao He | Exploring Exoplanetary Hazes from Laboratory Simulations31-08-2021Atmospheric characterization, Instrumentation & Observational techniquesExoplanets; Clouds; Hazes; Laboratory experiments
Paul MolliereCloud Nine Con | Peter Gao & Sarah Moran | Clouds in the lab and microphysical models30-08-2021Atmospheric characterization, Atmospheric theory, Instrumentation & Observational techniquesClouds; Hazes; Cloud Microphysics; Laboratory Experiments
Paul MolliereCloud Nine Con | Beth Biller | How will we study cloud-driven variability with ELTs?30-08-2021Atmospheric characterization, Instrumentation & Observational techniques, Future missions & ObservatoriesBrown Dwarfs; Exoplanets; Clouds; Variability; Doppler Imaging