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Tim LichtenbergHidden water in magma ocean exoplanets28-10-2021Atmospheric theory, Formation & evolution, Planet interiors, Atmospheric characterization, Habitability & Biosignaturessuper-earths; mass-radius; planetary interior; bulk water budget; magma oceans; runaway greenhouse
Ryan BoukroucheBeyond runaway: initiation of the post-runaway greenhouse state on rocky exoplanets27-07-2021Atmospheric theory, Habitability & Biosignatures, Formation & evolutionextrasolar rocky planets; exoplanet atmospheres; greenhouse gases; habitable planets
Tim LichtenbergRedox hysteresis of super-Earth exoplanets from magma ocean circulation24-05-2021Atmospheric characterization, Future missions & Observatories, Planet interiors, Habitability & Biosignatures, Formation & evolutionsuper-Earths; sub-Neptunes; exoplanets; JWST; atmosphere; interior
Tim LichtenbergSystem-level fractionation of carbon from disk and planetesimal processing13-05-2021Formation & evolution, Future missions & Observatories, Planet interiors, Atmospheric characterization, Habitability & Biosignaturesplanet formation; carbon; volatile delivery; atmospheric composition; climate; exoplanets; protoplanetary disks
Robert RidgwayAtmospheric photochemistry and the potential impacts of stellar flares06-04-2021Atmospheric theory, Atmospheric characterization, Habitability & Biosignaturestidally locked; flares; M dwarfs; stellar flares; ozone; chemistry; terrestrial; UM; GCM; UKEXOM2021; 2021;
Jonathan ItcovitzReduced Atmospheres of Post-Impact Worlds05-04-2021Formation & evolution, Habitability & BiosignaturesUKEXOM2021; giant impacts; atmospheric chemistry; origins of life
Gregory CookeOxygen’s 2.4 billion year control on Earth’s atmosphere with consequences for exoplanet biosignatures01-04-2021Future missions & Observatories, Atmospheric characterization, Habitability & BiosignaturesUKEXOM2021; Biosignature false negatives; Atmospheric oxygenation; Atmospheric chemistry; Transmission spectra
Jake EagerMethane’s non-linear effect on climate in three-dimensional Archean-like atmospheres26-03-2021Atmospheric theory, Habitability & BiosignaturesUKEXOM2021; Climate; Archean; biogeochemistry; tidally locked planets