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Ignas SnellenIsotopes in exoplanet atmospheres05-05-2022Formation & evolution, Atmospheric characterizationisotopes CO formation super-Jupiters
Masahiro OgiharaGiant planets with large metal masses and metal fractions such as HD 149026b and TOI-849b form via giant impacts in a rapidly dissipating disk by photoevaporation06-11-2021Atmospheric characterization, System architectures and dynamics, Planet interiors, Formation & evolutiongiant planets; photoevaporation; giant impacts;
Tim LichtenbergHidden water in magma ocean exoplanets28-10-2021Atmospheric characterization, Formation & evolution, Habitability & Biosignatures, Atmospheric theory, Planet interiorssuper-earths; mass-radius; planetary interior; bulk water budget; magma oceans; runaway greenhouse
Nuria Casasayas BarrisThe atmosphere of WASP-76b seen with CARMENES: looking for CaII IRT and HeI11-10-2021Atmospheric characterizationWASP-76b; atmospheres ; ultra-hot Jupiters
Rico LandmanDetection of OH in the ultra-hot Jupiter WASP-76b06-10-2021Atmospheric characterizationExoplanets; Ultra-hot Jupiters; High-resolution spectroscopy; Thermal dissociation
Paul MolliereCloud Nine Con | Jerry Xuan | Joint retrievals of low-resolution and high-resolution spectra for a cloudy brown dwarf companion near the L/T transition31-08-2021Atmospheric characterizationBrown Dwarfs; Clouds; Retrievals
Paul MolliereCloud Nine Con | Maria Steinrueck | Simulating haze radiative feedback in 3D general circulation models of hot Jupiters31-08-2021Atmospheric characterization, Atmospheric theoryExoplanets; Clouds; 3-d modeling; GCMs
Paul MolliereCloud Nine Con | Luis Welbanks | Blind spots in treatment of clouds in atmospheric retrievals31-08-2021Atmospheric theory, Atmospheric characterizationExoplanets; Clouds; Hazes; Retrievals
Paul MolliereCloud Nine Con | Caoimhe Rooney | A New Sedimentation Model for Greater Cloud Diversity in Giant Exoplanets and Brown Dwarfs31-08-2021Atmospheric characterization, Atmospheric theoryExoplanets; Clouds; 1-d cloud modeling
Paul MolliereCloud Nine Con | Ryan MacDonald & Ben Burningham | Clouds in transiting planet and brown dwarf retrievals31-08-2021Atmospheric theory, Atmospheric characterizationExoplanets; Clouds; Hazes; Retrievals
Paul MolliereCloud Nine Con | Jessica Luna | Empirically Determining Substellar Cloud Compositions in the era of JWST31-08-2021Atmospheric theory, Future missions & Observatories, Atmospheric characterizationExoplanets; Clouds; Simulated spectra
Paul MolliereCloud Nine Con | Dominic Samra | Mineral Snowflakes: Porosity and Non-Sphericity of Cloud Particles31-08-2021Atmospheric theory, Atmospheric characterizationExoplanets; Clouds; Microsphysical cloud models
Paul MolliereCloud Nine Con | Chao He | Exploring Exoplanetary Hazes from Laboratory Simulations31-08-2021Instrumentation & Observational techniques, Atmospheric characterizationExoplanets; Clouds; Hazes; Laboratory experiments
Paul MolliereCloud Nine Con | Peter Gao & Sarah Moran | Clouds in the lab and microphysical models30-08-2021Atmospheric characterization, Atmospheric theory, Instrumentation & Observational techniquesClouds; Hazes; Cloud Microphysics; Laboratory Experiments
Paul MolliereCloud Nine Con | Austin H. Dymont | Cleaning Our Cloudy and Hazy lens for Temperate Exoplanets30-08-2021Atmospheric characterizationExoplanets; Clouds; Observations
Paul MolliereCloud Nine Con | Beth Biller | How will we study cloud-driven variability with ELTs?30-08-2021Instrumentation & Observational techniques, Atmospheric characterization, Future missions & ObservatoriesBrown Dwarfs; Exoplanets; Clouds; Variability; Doppler Imaging
Paul MolliereCloud Nine Con | Hannah Wakeford & Dániel Apai | Clouds in Brown Dwarfs and Exoplanet Observations30-08-2021Atmospheric characterizationBrown Dwarfs; Exoplanets; Clouds; Observations
Yapeng ZhangThe 13CO-rich atmosphere of a young accreting super-Jupiter12-07-2021Formation & evolution, Atmospheric characterizationIsotopologues; Atmospheric retrieval