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Masahiro OgiharaRapid-then-slow migration reproduces mass distribution of TRAPPIST-1 system21-01-2022System architectures and dynamics, Formation & evolutionTRAPPIST-1; protoplanetary disks; n-body simulation
Clemence FontaniveThe Demographics of Giant Exoplanets and Brown Dwarfs in Wide Stellar Binaries08-11-2021System architectures and dynamics, Formation & evolution, Host star characterizationplanet demographics; binaries; stellar multiplicity
Masahiro OgiharaGiant planets with large metal masses and metal fractions such as HD 149026b and TOI-849b form via giant impacts in a rapidly dissipating disk by photoevaporation06-11-2021Atmospheric characterization, System architectures and dynamics, Planet interiors, Formation & evolutiongiant planets; photoevaporation; giant impacts;
Gijs MuldersWhy do small stars have all the exoplanets?02-11-2021Formation & evolution, System architectures and dynamicsexoplanet demographics; planet occurrence rates; pebble accretion; planet formation; protoplanetary disks; M dwarfs; Origins Seminar
Laetitia RodetOn the Correlation between Hot Jupiters and Stellar Clustering04-05-2021System architectures and dynamics, Formation & evolutionHot Jupiter; Flyby; High-Eccentricity Migration; Stellar Cluster
Vedad Kunovac HodzicObliquities of cold stars with transiting planets07-04-2021Formation & evolution, System architectures and dynamicsUKEXOM2021; Stellar obliquities; reloaded Rossiter-McLaughlin; asteroseismology; tidal evolution; small planets; giant planets; HARPS; ESPRESSO
Beth HendersonBackground Subtraction Methods with NGTS06-04-2021System architectures and dynamics, Instrumentation & Observational techniquesUKEXOM2021, Brown dwarfs, NGTS, Background subtraction, Nebuliser
Aurelie AstoulImpact of differential rotation on tidal inertial waves in exoplanetary systems06-04-2021Formation & evolution, System architectures and dynamicsUKEXOM2021 ; star-planet-tidal interactions ; differential rotation in stars and giant gaseous planets ; hydrodynamics: inertial waves ; corotation resonances
Jessica RigleyPredictions for exozodiacal dust dragged in from an exo-Kuiper belt06-04-2021Formation & evolution, System architectures and dynamicsexozodi; exozodiacal dust; debris discs; planetesimal belt; exokuiper belt; disks; UKEXOM2021
Lauren DoyleExoplanet demographics and detection: transiting planets as probes of stellar variability and planetary architectures06-04-2021System architectures and dynamics, Host star characterizationUKEXOM2021; Reloaded RM; Transiting Planets;
Craig DuguidThe influence of convection on tidal flows06-04-2021System architectures and dynamics, Formation & evolutiontides; UKEXOM2021; tidal interactions; tidal dissipation
Thomas WilsonCharacterising Multi-Planet Systems with CHEOPS05-04-2021Planet Detection, System architectures and dynamics, Formation & evolution, Planet interiors, Instrumentation & Observational techniquesUKEXOM2021; CHEOPS; Transiting planets
Sebastian MarinoRadial structure of exoKuiper belts - UKEXOM2105-04-2021System architectures and dynamics, Formation & evolutionexokuiper belt debris disk discs substructure formation exoplanet migration rings protoplanetary alma gaps
Sanson PoonOn the origin of the eccentricity dichotomy displayed by compact super-Earths: dynamical heating by cold giants05-04-2021System architectures and dynamics, Formation & evolutionUKEXOM2021; planets and satellites: dynamical evolution and stability; planets and satellites: formation
Adrian BarkerTidal dissipation in stars with predictions for planetary orbital decay31-03-2021Formation & evolution, System architectures and dynamicsUKEXOM2021; Tidal interactions; Tidal dissipation; Hot Jupiters; tides; short-period planets;
Dimitri VerasThe post-main-sequence fate of the HR 8799 planetary system21-03-2021System architectures and dynamicsUKEXOM2021 ; dynamics ; evolution ; resonance ; white dwarf ; giant branch ; RGB ; AGB ; imaging ; gravitational instability ; fragmentation