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Peter WheatleyWhat can NGTS do for me?10-04-2021Planet Detection, Host star characterization, Instrumentation & Observational techniquesUKEXOM2021; NGTS; transits
Lauren DoyleExoplanet demographics and detection: transiting planets as probes of stellar variability and planetary architectures06-04-2021System architectures and dynamics, Host star characterizationUKEXOM2021; Reloaded RM; Transiting Planets;
Marina Lafarga MagroMapping magnetic activity indicators across the M dwarf domain06-04-2021Planet Detection, Host star characterizationUKEXOM2021; stellar activity; M dwarfs
Jack ActonLow Mass Eclipsing Binaries from NGTS05-04-2021Planet Detection, Host star characterizationM-dwarfs;Transits;Radial Velocities;Eclipsing Binaries;UKEXOM2021
Mayank NarangAre Jupiter hosting stars younger? A Gaia kinematic study of exoplanet host stars.05-04-2021Host star characterizationages, kinematics, jupiters, UKEXOM2021