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Tobias Gabriel MeierHemispheric Tectonics on super-Earth LHS 3844b03-03-2021Planet interiorsplanetary interior; super-Earths; exoplanets; plate tectonics
Leonardo dos SantosThe high energy environment and atmospheric escape of small exoplanets16-02-2021Host star characterization, Atmospheric characterizationatmospheres; ultraviolet; escape; infrared; evolution
Aurora KesseliConfirmation of Asymmetric Iron Absorption in WASP-76b with HARPS09-02-2021Atmospheric characterization, Atmospheric theoryHot Jupiters; transits transmission spectroscopy; high spectral resolution; atmospheric winds and dynamics
Julia VenturiniThe nature of the Radius Valley: insights from combined formation and evolution models05-02-2021Formation & evolution, Atmospheric characterization, Planet interiorsPlanet formation and evolution, super-Earths, sub-Neptunes, radius valley, water
Pierre DrossartFrom Solar System Planets to Exoplanets: A New Experience of the World in the 21st Century29-01-2021Atmospheric characterizationSolar system planets, escape, non-LTE, chemistry, radiative transfer
Christopher OConnorHigh-e migration of planetesimals around polluted white dwarfs27-01-2021System architectures and dynamicswhite dwarf; planetesimals; WD 1145+017; WD J1228+1040; tides; disks; migration
Anne-Lise MaireDavid M. Hernandez: An ephemeris integrator capable of probing fundamental physics from inside our Solar System27-01-2021System architectures and dynamics, Formation & evolutionDynamics; N body; ExoDyn2021
Tim LichtenbergVertically resolved magma ocean–protoatmosphere evolution: H2, H2O, CO2, CH4, CO, O2, and N2 as primary absorbers26-01-2021Formation & evolution, Planet interiors, Habitability & Biosignatures, Future missions & Observatories, Atmospheric theoryplanet formation; magma ocean; atmospheres; direct imaging; planetary interiors
Francisco J PozuelosAnne-Sophie Libert: Dynamics of exoplanetary systems detected by transits and radial velocities26-01-2021System architectures and dynamicsExoDyn2021; Planetary Systems; Dynamics; Celestial Mechanics
Francisco J PozuelosJorge Lillo-Box: The challenge of forming and detecting co-orbital worlds26-01-2021System architectures and dynamicsExoDyn2021; Planetary Systems; Dynamics; Co-orbital Planets; Trojans; TROY project
Francisco J PozuelosAlexandre Correia: Asynchronous and chaotic rotation for compact planetary systems26-01-2021System architectures and dynamicsExoDyn2021; Planetary Systems; Dynamics; Habitability
Francisco J PozuelosHanno Rein: Orbital dynamics with REBOUND26-01-2021System architectures and dynamicsExoDyn2021; Planetary Systems; Dynamics; Numerical Methods; N-body integrator; REBOUND
Francisco J PozuelosMiles Cranmer: Accurate Instability Time Prediction for Compact Multi-Planet Systems with Bayesian Deep Learning26-01-2021System architectures and dynamicsExoDyn2021; Planetary Systems; Dynamics; Machine Learning
Francisco J PozuelosSam Hadden: Inferring the Migration Histories of RV Planets in Mean Motion Resonances26-01-2021System architectures and dynamicsExoDyn2021; Planetary Systems; Dynamics; Mean motion resonances; Planetary Migration
Francisco J PozuelosGabriel de Oliveira Gomes: Tidally-induced TTVs for close-in super-Earths26-01-2021System architectures and dynamicsExoDyn2021; Planetary Systems; Dynamic
Francisco J PozuelosAntoine Thuillier: Facing how exoplanets evolve26-01-2021Planet DetectionExoDyn2021; Hot-subdwarfs; Planetary remnant
Francisco J PozuelosQuinn Konopacky: Astrometry and Orbits of Directly Imaged Planets26-01-2021Planet Detection, Instrumentation & Observational techniquesExoDyn2021; Direct Imaging; Astrometry
Francisco J PozuelosJason Wang: Orbit Fitting at 10 Microarcsecond Precision26-01-2021Instrumentation & Observational techniques, Planet DetectionExoDyn2021; Imaging Astrometry; Orbital Fitting; GRAVITY
Francisco J PozuelosStephen Kane: The Role of Orbital Dynamics In Planetary Habitability26-01-2021Habitability & Biosignatures, System architectures and dynamicsExoDyn2021; Planetary Systems; Dynamics; Habitability
Anne-Lise MaireJohannes Sahlmann: Astrometric Orbits of Stars with Exoplanets25-01-2021System architectures and dynamics, Instrumentation & Observational techniquesAstrometry; Orbits; Dynamics; ExoDyn2021
Anne-Lise MaireLaetitia Rodet: Refining orbital constraints: Insights from a disk25-01-2021System architectures and dynamicsImaging; Orbital fitting; Circumstellar disks; HD 100453; ExoDyn2021
Laetitia DelrezHervé Beust: Resonant phenomena in debris disks - morphologic and evolutionary issues (review)25-01-2021System architectures and dynamicsdisks; architecture; dynamics; ExoDyn2021
Laetitia DelrezCecilia Lazzoni: Architectures of planets inside debris disks with double belts25-01-2021System architectures and dynamics, Planet Detectiondisks; architecture; ExoDyn2021
Anne-Lise MaireNeil Zimmerman: Combining radial velocities and astrometry to plan direct imaging exoplanet observations with the Roman Space Telescope Coronagraph25-01-2021System architectures and dynamics, Planet DetectionRadial velocities; Astrometry; Imaging; nu Andromedae; Nancy Grace Roman Space Telescope; ExoDyn2021
Anne-Lise MaireJerry Xuan: Measuring mutual inclinations between giant planets and debris discs in HD 113337 & HD 3852925-01-2021System architectures and dynamicsMutual inclinations; Debris disks; ExoDyn2021
Laetitia DelrezEric Agol: Transit timing analyses (review)25-01-2021Planet Detection, Planet interiors, System architectures and dynamicstransits; transit timing variations; N-body models; ExoDyn2021
Anne-Lise MaireFlavien Kiefer: Measuring the mass of RV exoplanet candidates with Gaia25-01-2021System architectures and dynamicsAstrometry; Radial velocities; Dynamical masses; ExoDyn2021
Anne-Lise MaireTimothy Brandt: Absolute Astrometry for Orbit Fitting25-01-2021System architectures and dynamicsAstrometry; Imaging; Radial velocities; Dynamical masses; ExoDyn2021
Laetitia DelrezJuliette Becker: The Origins of Multi-Planet Systems with Misaligned, Nearby Companions25-01-2021System architectures and dynamicsformation; evolution; dynamics; ExoDyn2021
Anne-Lise MaireEmeline Bolmont: Tidal effects in exoplanetary systems 25-01-2021System architectures and dynamicsTidal effects; ExoDyn2021
Anne-Lise MaireLessons learned from SPHERE for high-precision astrometry of directly-imaged exoplanets25-01-2021Instrumentation & Observational techniques, System architectures and dynamicsImaging; Relative astrometry; ExoDyn2021
Laetitia DelrezTrifon Trifonov: Transit and Radial velocity Interactive Fitting tool for Orbital analysis and N-body simulations - The Exo-Striker25-01-2021System architectures and dynamics, Host star characterizationdata analysis tool; radial velocities; transits; ExoDyn2021
Laetitia DelrezNestor Espinoza: Towards an exoplanet census in the cloud25-01-2021System architectures and dynamics, Planet Detection, Host star characterizationdatabase; data analysis; ExoDyn2021
Anne-Lise MaireSarah Blunt: orbitize! an open-source orbit-fitting toolkit for directly-imaged objects25-01-2021System architectures and dynamicsImaging; Orbits; Fitting; ExoDyn2021
Laetitia DelrezSilvano Desidera: Young planetary systems with close-in planets25-01-2021System architectures and dynamics, Instrumentation & Observational techniques, Host star characterization, Planet Detectionyoung systems; transits; radial velocities; ExoDyn2021
Anne-Lise MaireYiting Li: Orbit fitting of Exoplanets with RV and Astrometry25-01-2021System architectures and dynamicsRadial velocities; Astrometry; Dynamical masses; ExoDyn2021
Anne-Lise MaireG. Mirek Brandt: Precise Dynamical Masses for the Beta Pictoris System25-01-2021System architectures and dynamicsRadial velocities; Astrometry; Imaging; Dynamical masses; Beta Pictoris; ExoDyn2021
Anne-Lise MaireRobert De Rosa: Measuring the architectures of multi-planet systems with Hipparcos and Gaia25-01-2021System architectures and dynamicsAstrometry; Architecture; Multi-planet systems; ExoDyn2021
Laetitia DelrezMonika Lendl: Exoplanet Transits (review)25-01-2021Atmospheric characterization, System architectures and dynamics, Future missions & Observatories, Host star characterization, Habitability & Biosignatures, Planet Detection, Instrumentation & Observational techniquestransits; ExoDyn2021
Anne-Lise MairePierre Kervella: Stellar and substellar companions from Gaia DR225-01-2021Instrumentation & Observational techniques, Planet DetectionAstrometry; Gaia; Detection; ExoDyn2021
Tim LichtenbergBifurcation of planetary building blocks during Solar System formation20-01-2021Formation & evolution, Planet interiors, System architectures and dynamicsplanet formation; solar system; accretion; planetesimals; volatile delivery; core formation; meteorites; protoplanets; magma oceans; planetary composition
Valentin ChristiaensA faint companion around CrA-9: protoplanet or obscured binary?15-01-2021Planet Detection, Atmospheric characterizationProtoplanetary disc; Planet formation; High-contrast imaging; Spectral characterisation
Masahiro OgiharaUnified simulations of formation and atmospheric evolution15-01-2021Atmospheric theory, Atmospheric characterization, Formation & evolution, System architectures and dynamics, Planet interiorsEXO3; formation; evolution;
Andrew VanderburgFrom Pixels to Planets The Process of Validating Transiting Planets12-01-2021Planet Detection, Host star characterization, Instrumentation & Observational techniquestransits, exoplanet detection
Andrew VanderburgAn Overview of Transiting Planets12-01-2021Instrumentation & Observational techniques, Atmospheric characterization, Formation & evolution, Future missions & Observatories, Host star characterization, System architectures and dynamics, Habitability & Biosignatures, Planet Detectiontransits
Emily MartinThe Planet as Exoplanet Analog Spectrograph (PEAS): Design and First Light 12-01-2021Instrumentation & Observational techniques, Atmospheric characterizationinstrumentation; Lick Observatory; Solar System; spectroscopy; imaging; exoplanet solar system synergies
Andrew VanderburgA Giant Planet Candidate Transiting a White Dwarf12-01-2021System architectures and dynamics, Formation & evolution, Planet Detection, Habitability & Biosignatureswhite dwarf; transit; WD1856+534; WD1856
Andrew VanderburgA Song of Ice and Fire: the Fate of Planetary Systems After Stellar Death12-01-2021System architectures and dynamics, Formation & evolution, Planet Detection, Habitability & Biosignatureswhite dwarf; transits; transit; WD1856; WD1856+534; WD1145; WD1145+017
Gabriel-Dominique MarleauH alpha emission and warm-start planets predicted from accretion shocks11-01-2021Formation & evolution, Planet DetectionExoplanet formation; Accretion shocks; Hydrogen lines [H I line emission]; H alpha photometry; Direct imaging; High resolution spectroscopy
Mantas ZilinskasTemperature inversions on hot super-Earths: the case of CN in nitrogen-rich atmospheres08-01-2021Atmospheric theory55 Cancri e; super-Earths; magma; lava; nitrogen; carbon; atmosphere; hot; ultra-short-period; ups; Earth; sub-neptune; exoplanet; inversions; temperature; CN; N2; CH; CO; radiative-transfer; chemistry; kinetics; equilibrium
Richard TeagueObserving the Dynamics of Planet-Disk Interactions08-01-2021Formation & evolution, Planet Detectionplanet formation; planet detection; protoplanetary disk; sub-mm
ExoplanetsIII HeidelbergRichard Teague: Kinematical Detection and Characterizing of Protoplanets with ALMA07-01-2021Formation & evolutionEXO3; Formation; Evolution
Yubo SuDynamics of Colombo’s Top: Generating Exoplanet Obliquities from Planet-Disk Interactions05-01-2021System architectures and dynamicsCassini State; Resonance; Obliquity
Gregory GilbertUniform transit timing measurements for Kepler, K2, and TESS05-01-2021System architectures and dynamicsarchitectures; dynamics; data analysis methods; astrostatistics
Vera DobosTidal heating and the habitability of the TRAPPIST-1 planets (ExoplanetsIII conference)04-01-2021Planet interiors, Habitability & BiosignaturesTRAPPIST-1, habitability, tidal heating
Felix MackebrandtThe EXOTIME Project03-01-2021Planet Detection, Formation & evolutionstars: horizontal-branch; planets and satellites: detection; subdwarfs; asteroseismology; techniques: photometric
Denis SergeevSimulations of convection over a range of atmospheric conditions on TRAPPIST-1e02-01-2021Atmospheric theory, Habitability & Biosignaturesatmospheric models; GCM; convection; TRAPPIST-1
Akash GuptaUnderstanding the Radius Valley as a by-product of Planet Formation: Observational Signatures of the Core-Powered Mass-Loss Mechanism22-12-2020Atmospheric theory, Formation & evolution, Planet interiorsAtmospheric escape; Super-Earths; Sub-Neptunes; Radius valley; Radius gap; Planet evolution; Atmospheres; Planet-star interactions; Core-powered mass-loss; Exoplanets 3
Annelies MortierLessons from "Sun-as-a-star" observations - Sagan Workshop July 202022-12-2020Host star characterization, Planet Detection, Instrumentation & Observational techniquesRadial Velocity; Stellar variability; Sun
Gabriele CugnoUnveiling the nature of the protoplanet PDS70 b21-12-2020Atmospheric characterization, Formation & evolutionFormation and evolution; Direct imaging; Molecular mapping; Medium-resolution Spectroscopy
Eric AgolThe completed Spitzer campaign to monitor transit times of the TRAPPIST-1 system: improved masses, densities and dynamics.21-12-2020System architectures and dynamics, Planet interiorsTransit; transit timing variations; Spitzer; TRAPPIST-1; N-body models
Joanna DrazkowskaHow dust fragmentation may be beneficial to planetary growth21-12-2020Formation & evolutionplanet formation; protoplanetary disk; pebble accretion; dust coagulation;
Thaddeus KomacekRe-inflation of warm and hot Jupiters21-12-2020Formation & evolution, Planet interiorshot Jupiters; warm Jupiters; radius inflation; interior evolution
Sebastian MarinoRadial structure of exoKuiper belts: revealing Neptune analogues21-12-2020Planet Detection, System architectures and dynamics, Formation & evolutiondebris disc disk gap planetesimals neptune radial structure substructure exocomets planet
Travis BergerA Fresh Look at the Radius Gap Using Gaia Derived Ages and Masses for All Kepler Exoplanet Hosts21-12-2020Host star characterization, Formation & evolution, System architectures and dynamicssuper-Earths; sub-Neptunes; gaia; kepler; stellar mass; stellar age; physical parameters; radius gap; radius valley; core-powered mass-loss; photoevaporation
Gijs MuldersHow the "peas in a pod" pattern arises during the formation of compact planetary systems21-12-2020Formation & evolution, System architectures and dynamicsexoplanets; planetary systems; planet formation; kepler; genesis database; numerical models; N-body; transiting planets; planet populations; planetary system architectures; giant impacts; planet migration; Earths in Other Solar Systems; NASA NExSS;
Stefan PelletierBrand New SPIRou Result: Solar CO abundance on tau Boo b21-12-2020Atmospheric characterizationAtmospheres, High-Resolution, SPIRou, Detection, Molecules, C/O
ExoplanetsIII HeidelbergIan Crossfield: Global Infrared Characterization of Ultra-hot neptune LTT 9779b20-12-2020Atmospheric characterizationEXO3; warm; neptune
ExoplanetsIII HeidelbergAnsgar Reiners20-12-2020Planet DetectionEXO3; CARMENES; radial velocity
ExoplanetsIII HeidelbergBijan Nemati: WFIRST Coronagraph Design Optimization, Status, and Expected Performance20-12-2020Future missions & ObservatoriesEXO3; WFIRST
ExoplanetsIII Heidelbergpeter Plavchan: A planetary system discovered around a nearby young star20-12-2020Planet DetectionEXO3; radial velocity
ExoplanetsIII HeidelbergGoranPilbratt: ARIEL: ESA's mission to study the nature of exoplanets20-12-2020Future missions & Observatories, Atmospheric characterizationEXO3; ARIEL
ExoplanetsIII HeidelbergKaustubh Hakim: Geochemistry of Carbon Cycles on Rocky Exoplanets20-12-2020Habitability & BiosignaturesEXO3; EXOKLEIN;
ExoplanetsIII HeidelbergDaniel Bayliss: TESS Monotransits - A Pathway to Cooler Transiting Planets20-12-2020Planet DetectionEXO3; transits; TESS
ExoplanetsIII HeidelbergLouise Dyregaard Nielsen: Transition between Ice and Gas giants explored with TESS and RV follow-up20-12-2020Planet DetectionEXO3; planet detection; transits; TESS
Maggie ThompsonLeveraging Meteorite Outgassing Experiments to Constrain the Initial Atmospheres of Terrestrial Exoplanets19-12-2020Atmospheric characterizationOutgassing; Meteorites; Terrestrial Exoplanets
Kristina MonschThe imprint of X-ray photoevaporation on the orbital distribution of giant planets18-12-2020System architectures and dynamicsEXO3; giant planets; photoevaporation; migration; X-rays; disk dispersal;
Ryan CloutierEvolution of the Radius Valley from Sun-like to Low Mass Stars (Exoplanets III; July 28, 2020)17-12-2020Formation & evolution, System architectures and dynamicssuper-earths; sub-neptunes; m-dwarfs; low mass stars; planet formation; radius valley
Admin TeamWelcome and Instruction Video17-12-2020Host star characterization, System architectures and dynamics, Future missions & Observatories, Planet Detection, Instrumentation & Observational techniques, Formation & evolution, Atmospheric theory, Habitability & Biosignatures, Planet interiors, Atmospheric characterizationWelcome; Instruction;; Aurora; Kesseli
David ArmstrongTOI-849b: The remnant core of a giant planet16-12-2020Planet interiors, Planet DetectionTransit, Radial Velocity, Hot Neptunes, Planetary Cores
Frans SnikThe answer to the Ultimate Question of Life, the Universe and Everything is... polarized!16-12-2020Future missions & Observatories, Habitability & Biosignatures, Instrumentation & Observational techniquescoronagraphs, polarimetry, polarization, biosignatures, homochirality
Mahmoudreza OshaghMeasuring the color dependent Rossiter-McLaughlin effect from 0.38 to 1.71 micrometer using ground based observations16-12-2020Atmospheric characterization, Instrumentation & Observational techniquesChromatic Rossiter-McLaughlin, Transmission spectroscopy, HD 189733b, stellar activity, SOAP
Aline VidottoEffects of the winds of host stars on the escaping atmospheres of close-in exoplanets16-12-2020Host star characterization, Formation & evolution, Atmospheric theoryatmospheric escape, stellar winds, AU Mic
Rafael LuquePrecise characterisation of small planets around M dwarfs: the CARMENES-TESS follow-up program15-12-2020Instrumentation & Observational techniques, Planet Detectiontransit; radial velocity; RV; M dwarfs; low mass stars; TESS; CARMENES; small planets; radius valley;
ExoplanetsIII HeidelbergIan Wong: Systematic phase curve study of known transiting systems from the TESS primary mission15-12-2020Atmospheric characterizationEXO3; phase curves; TESS
Maximilian GuentherStellar Flares and Habitable(?) M Dwarf Worlds with TESS (July 2020)15-12-2020Host star characterization, Habitability & BiosignaturesStellar Flares, Flares, Habitability, TESS, UV, Atmospheres, Prebiotic Chemistry
ExoplanetsIII HeidelbergClara Sousa-Silva: Detecting and Interpreting Agnostic biosignatures15-12-2020Habitability & BiosignaturesEXO3; biosignatures
ExoplanetsIII HeidelbergEdwin Kite: Sub-Neptune atmospheres and the transition from Sub-Neptunes to Super-Earths15-12-2020Planet interiorsEXO3; planetary interiors
ExoplanetsIII HeidelbergAlexis Smith: Exoplanet Characterisation with multiple NGTS telescopes15-12-2020Planet DetectionEXO3; transits
ExoplanetsIII HeidelbergKatja Poppenhaeger: Connecting the exoplanet radius gap with stellar activity evolution15-12-2020Host star characterizationEXO3; radius gap; X-rays
ExoplanetsIII HeidelbergRavid Helled: Formation, evolution, and structure of giant planets14-12-2020Formation & evolutionEXO3; gas giants; evolution
ExoplanetsIII HeidelbergBeth Biller: A search for variability in HR8799bc14-12-2020Planet DetectionEXO3; imaging; variability
ExoplanetsIII HeidelbergLee Rosenthal: The California Legacy Survey: Population Statistics With an Expanded Catalog14-12-2020Planet DetectionEXO3; radial velocity
ExoplanetsIII HeidelbergChristoph Mordasini: A new generation of planetary population synthesis: Confronting theory with observations of distinct planetary populations14-12-2020Formation & evolutionEXO3; formation
ExoplanetsIII HeidelbergMarkus Janson: Smoke signals from Fomalhaut14-12-2020Planet DetectionEXO3; planet detection; imaging
ExoplanetsIII HeidelbergFei Yan: High Resolution Spectroscopy of Ultra-hot Jupiter's atmosphere14-12-2020Atmospheric characterizationEXO3; atmospheres; UHJ
ExoplanetsIII HeidelbergMichael Meyer: Frequency of Massive, Wide-orbit planets vs Stellar Mass: SPHERE shines on the ESO VLT14-12-2020Planet DetectionEXO3; sphere; shine
ExoplanetsIII HeidelbergKento Masuda: Mutual Orbital Inclinations Between Cold Jupiters and Inner Super-Earths14-12-2020System architectures and dynamicsEXO3; inclination
ExoplanetsIII HeidelbergJiayin Dong: A catalog of Warm, Large Exoplanets (WaLEs) Discovered in TESS Full-Frame Images14-12-2020Planet DetectionEXO3; detection; transit
ExoplanetsIII HeidelbergBenjamin Fulton: Frequency of gaseous planets beyond the ice line14-12-2020Planet DetectionEXO3; Detection; radial velocity