TOI-431: a super-Earth and sub-Neptune transiting a bright, early K-Dwarf, with an additional RV planet (UKEXOM21)

Ares Osborn - The University of WarwickApr 5, 2021
Planet Detection
planet detection
transit detection, RV detection
This video is captioned. Abstract: We present the bright, multi-planet system TOI-431, characterised with photometry (from TESS, LCO, NGTS, and Spitzer) and radial velocities (from HARPS, HIRES, iSHELL, FEROS, and MINERVA-Australis). TOI-431b is a super-Earth with a period of 0.49 days, a radius of 1.28 REarth, a mass of 3.07 MEarth, and a ...
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